Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Staying Alive

Wow, the clock on the wall says it’s about a half an hour from midnight, and I just realized I had not posted here today, jeopardizing my consecutive week days posting streak. It’s been a slow day, but there could be a few stories on the horizon worth keeping our weather-watching eyes open for. Tropical Storm Noel could cause some soggy conditions on college football games this weekend depending on which path she chooses to take. Also, tomorrow is Halloween and the 13th anniversary of a very soggy and windy Monday Night Football game at Soldier Field in which the Packers, wearing throwback unis, sloshed past the Bears, 33-6. I may write something about that tomorrow to commemorate the anniversary. But for today, well, this is it. I guess you could call this a throw-away post done for the sole purpose of keeping my streak live. This is the equivalent of putting Cal Ripken Jr. into a couple of innings so he could keep his games played record alive and kicking, right? Right! Good night America. You too, Istanbul (not Constantinople).

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