Thursday, December 03, 2009

Yeah, It's Cold in Wisconsin

When you look at the NFL schedule and notice that the Green Bay Packers are playing on a Monday night in December, one question immediately pops to mind: Will there be snow?

According to the National Weather Service, there is a chance, a small chance, of white stuff falling on Lambeau Field. And if it does snow, no accumulation is expected.


However, it is Green Bay in December, so you know it’s going to be frostier than Thanksgiving dinner at Elin and Tiger’s house. At the moment, the 10-day forecast is calling for temps to dip to about 25 degrees.

Hold on.

Ok. Vince Lombardi just called and said that sounds like a heat wave.

Anyway, Tom Silverstein has a story in the Journal Sentinel today about the Packers’ remaining frostbitten schedule, which includes road games in Chicago and Pittsburgh and a game back at Lambeau against the Seahawks.

And Kevin Cowherd of The Baltimore Sun advises Ravens players to stay close to the bench heaters Monday night.

The photo above is from the AP. Thanks, guys.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Man U Gotta Love Soccer in the Rain

Turkish champion Besiktas is facing Manchester United Wednesday night in the Champion’s League group B match at Old Trafford. In the photo above, Besiktas players are seen practicing in the pouring rain. There’s only a 20 percent chance of rain when the two teams meet Wednesday night, but it will be cold. The wind chill is projected at 33 degrees. If you go to the game, send me a photo and I’ll post it on The Rainout Blog. The e-mail address is

Word from the Booth

Hey, I know this sports-weather blog stuff is a fascinating, riveting read. However, if you really want something totally cool and interesting, check out Word from the Booth. It’s a new blog created by my pal in Tennessee – I thought the Jets would win the Super Bowl before this guy started blogging – and it offers compelling topics about stuff that you may have never heard of. For example, do you know about Thanksgiving maskers? Me neither, until I read Word from the Booth.

16 years ago...

Friday, October 09, 2009

Cold, Frosted Coors

I’m in the minority here, I know, but I love playoff baseball games played in football weather. According to the forecast for Saturday night, that’s exactly what we’ll get when the Colorado Rockies host the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 3 of the National League Division Series in Denver. is forecasting – get this – a 70 percent chance of snow showers and temperatures to be in the mid 30s when the first pitch is thrown at 7:37 p.m. local time. The wind chill at game time will make fans at Coors Field feel like it’s about 23 degrees.

I know baseball purists hate cold weather baseball games, but I love the added drama that little snow and chill can deliver.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Open in Pictures

Yahoo! Sports has a great photo gallery of the rain-drenched U.S. Open. I don't think I've ever written more about golf and rain than I have today. The photo here is from the Associated Press.

Done for the Day

Play at the U.S. Open has been suspended for the day. They'll try again Friday morning.

No word yet on a postponement of the Yankees/Nationals game. It's still in a rain delay.

UPDATE: The target -- this has become a moving target -- for the first pitch at Yankee Stadium is now 4:05 p.m.

Send Us Your Rainy Sports Photos

By the way, I've been intending to write this, but keep forgetting: If you happen to be at the U.S. Open or Yankee Stadium, e-mail to me a cool rainy shot and I'll try to post it here. Be sure to send me your name so I can give you credit. The e-mail address is:


The Organist is Playing “Singing in the Rain”

It’s raining in the Bronx, delaying Joba Chamberlain’s first pitch in the Yankees’ rubber (boots) match with the Washington Nationals. Jack Curry has the rain delay covered, including Johnny Damon’s forecast, on the New York Times’ Bats blog.

Frank Franklin of the Associated Press took the above photo exclusively for The Rainout Blog (that’s not true).

Keep visiting The Rainout Blog for updates on the Yankees/Nationals and U.S. Open rain delays. (That, too, is probably not true. I got stuff to do, ya know?).

Weather Update

"Mike Davis just informed us that it will be at least until 2 p.m. before players possibly could get out to the practice range to warm up for a resumption of play today. Heavy rain is still expected over the next 45 minutes, but the good news is there's a window this afternoon when golf should be able to resume. The hope is that the morning wave of 78 competitors can complete round one today, with the afternoon wave, which includes Phil Mickelson, completing the first round on Friday.

Once the rain does stop, Jim Hyler, the chairman of the Championship Committee, said it would take 30 minutes or so to get the course back into playing condition."

Running updates can be found here.

Rain Delay at Black

Play currently is suspended at the U.S. Open because of heavy rain. While you’re waiting, here is an insightful article about how U.S. Open officials are combating the wet conditions. By the way, the photo is from the Associated Press.

Tracking Tiger

The weather is playing a factor as the U.S. Open begins this morning. Jim Baumbach of Newsday is following Tigers woods throughout the day on the newspaper’s On The Green blog. The photo above is from Newsday’s J. Conrad Williams.

And what's better than reading live updates about the U.S. Open on a blog? Well, watching the tournament on your computer -- if you're not near a large scree TV. You can watch live -- the rain is pouring now -- on the U.S. Open Web site.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wet Sox

The White Sox game with the Cubs, as you already know, was rained out on Tuesday, but the coolest baseball rain delay photo from the past week is this AP snapshot of the Sox grounds crew as they squeegee water from the tarp covering the field during a rain delayed game between the Pale Hose and the Tigers.

Striking Photo

I’m about two weeks late with posting this AP photo of lightning striking at the Southern California Golf Association golf course in Temecula, Calif. on June 3. It’s a great pic, so you’ll give me a break on its tardiness to the blog, right? Enjoy!

By the way, you can keep up with U.S. Open weather conditions at

Rain Could Halt U.S. Open

The potential of significant rainfall on Thursday and Friday has USGA officials concerned about possible delays at the beginning and throughout the U.S. Open, which begins Thursday at Black Course at Bethpage State Park in Farmingdale, N.Y. So, are USGA officials open to extending play into the early part of next week should play be held up by rain? Jim Hyler, a USGA vice president and chair of the championship committee told the New York Times: “If we can’t play it, if it’s not fair to be playing the ball as it lies, we’ll suspend play. We’ll stay here until we get a champion.” Rainfall from last week has the course already soggy, the Times story said.
How much rain will it take to garner a play suspension? “If we get an inch of rain Thursday, I’m fairly sure we’ll get a suspension,” Currier said. “Especially if it’s an inch of rain in a couple hours. If it’s spread over the whole day, we’ll be O.K. But if it comes quickly, the bunkers will fill up fast. It seems like we haven’t seen the sun in a month. I’m gearing myself for four days of rain.”
Read more of the New York Times story>>

Cincinnati Reds Grounds Crew Pulls the Tarp in Thunderstorm

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday, April 06, 2009

Two Out on Opening Day, so far

It’s opening day, and threats of rain and snow already have claimed two games. The snowy forecast in Chicago led officials Sunday to postpone Monday’s White Sox opener, and rain in Boston today has led to delaying the Red Sox contest with Tampa. Also, rain has been falling in Cincinnati, but the Reds and Mets continue to play through. And, as you can see in the photo, the tarp has been on the field today in Baltimore, but it looks like the O’s and Yankees will begin on time.

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