Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just use yellow balls, fellas

Snow in Arizona? At a PGA event?

You bet!

This Associated Press photo shows snow falling on the ninth green – I'll take their word for it because I can't see a flippin' thing – Wednesday at the Match Play Championship tournament in Marana, Ariz.

If you're wondering if the golfers played through… you're crazy. Of course they didn't play through. What kind of question is that?

Play was suspended for the day.

Baseball is about to drop

Stop me if you've read this before: When I began writing this blog about seven years ago – has it been that long? – I intended it to be about baseball only. If you think the current format of me writing about sports and weather is dull and boring, a blog about baseball rainouts would have been a snooze, bro.

What would I have done in the baseball offseason? Oh, I guess the same thing I do now: let the blog sit for months at a time without an update.

Anyway, had I stuck with the baseball-only format, today would have been – actually, it still is – a perfect day to simply say, "Hey, spring training is here and baseball and its inevitable rainouts are right around the hot corner.

So today, with my first blog update in more than a month, I give you this cool Associated Press photo from St. Louis Cardinals spring training in Jupiter, Fla.

What's this photo have to do with weather, you ask. Check out the glove on the fence. Tiny rain spots. Duh!  

According to the photo caption, rain fell at Cardinals camp… team goes into the clubhouse… rain stops, team goes outside to stretch… rain picks up again… blah, blah, blah.