Monday, October 22, 2007

Sox Win, Helton Happy on Couch

Take a look at this picture. This could be your World Series. Snowy! Cold! Awesome! At least two games, and possibly three, will be played in frigid Colorado for this year's, um, Fall Classic. On Sunday, the Rockies were forced to practice indoors as they continued on their fall break while awaiting the winner of the American League Championship Series, which we now know is that team from Boston. The Rocks have been doing their best to stay focused by simulating game conditions, while the Red Sox have been playing meaningful games and building momentum while rallying from a 3-1 deficit to overcome Cleveland in seven games in the ALCS. According to a USA Today story on Monday, Todd Helton, isn't too concerned about the rest and relaxation the Rockies have been getting nor the fact that the team was snowed out of practice Sunday. "Good huntin' weather," said the Rockies first baseman. "It'll be a short day for us. Good day to sit on the couch, I know that." Sit on the couch? Holy cow, it's over. Red Sox in four.

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