Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rain out in Baltimore gives fans a rare opportunity

Thursday’s Baltimore Sun ran a story about a rain out of an Orioles/Phillies Interleague game Tuesday that forced the two teams to play a doubleheader on Wednesday. A high school baseball team traveling to various major league parks as part of a senior trip decided to stay over in Baltimore and see the doubleheader. Some said they enjoyed staying over at Camden Yards better than their trip to Yankee Stadium. Other fans interviewed told Sun reporter Katie Carrera they were glad to see the day-night doubleheader simply because it allowed them the rare opportunity to see a day game on a weekday. "I actually prefer afternoon games. It's the way baseball should be played," Norm Sensinger of Baltimore said to the Sun." In the daylight." Follow this link to read the full story from Thursday’s Baltimore Sun.

I hate to cross blog, but the Bristol White Sox, the subject of another blog I write, were rained out of tonight’s Appalachian League game in Bristol with the rival Kingsport Mets.

Why a blog about baseball rain delays? Why not?

This may be the most meaningless blog in the blogosphere, but I’ve decided to combine two of my many interests – baseball and weather, specifically rain – into one blog. Why? I’m not sure, but it sounds like fun, to me, the only person who reads this nonsense. Baseball rain outs and rain delays have always fascinated me. When I worked as a sports information director, one of my favorite stories to write was the baseball rain out story. Maybe, too, rain on baseball diamonds subconsciously reminds of growing up in the 80s and watching re-runs of the Andy Griffith Show with my Papaw during rain delays of Atlanta Braves games on WTBS. Those were great times.