Friday, January 13, 2012

A Brief Story on Tim Howard’s Wind-Assisted Goal That I Should Have Posted Two Weeks Ago

Wow, wind can do crazy things… like push a kick from a goalkeeper into the opposing team’s net from about 100 yards away.

That’s what happened Wednesday night, Jan. 4, when Everton keeper Tim Howard booted the yellow ball from just inside his penalty area. The ball soared across the pitch, bounced about 30 feet from the Bolton goal and then took wind-assisted flight over outreaching Wanderers goalkeeper Adam Bogdan and into the goal during the game’s 63rd minute.

“I think the wind is the hardest condition to play in,” Howard, an American, told BBC Radio.  “Snow, rain, sun doesn’t matter, but the wind really does play tricks on you.”

It was only the fourth goal by a keeper in the Premier League’s history, which dates back to only 1992.

Those inside Goodison Park joyfully cheered the rare achievement – Howard remained subdued, explaining later he felt bad for Bogdan – but Everton supporters’ glee was short lived as Bolton soon scored two goals and held on for a 2-1 victory.

Bogdan, speaking to reporters, said he would learn from the experience.

"It could have happened to anybody because of the conditions,” the keeper said. “It was extremely hard to get in the right positions.”

Can They Play Two in the Snow?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for spring and baseball season, particularly after seeing – or is it despite seeing? – this photo posted last night on the Cubs’ Facebook page of the snow falling on the statues outside Wrigley Field.

It’s been an unusually mild and quiet winter here at The Rainout Blog world headquarters, but I’m eagerly awaiting the days when I don’t have to fear waking up and driving to work in nine inches of snow.

For now, with Opening Day still a few months away, we can sneak a peek at the streets outside Wrigley Field, where currently a little snow lingers, and dream of the warmer, baseball-filled days ahead.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crimson Rain (not literally)

It was wetter than elephant spit in Tuscaloosa Tuesday when the Alabama Crimson Tide football team landed safely back in its home state with its second national championship in three years. In case you missed it, Alabama thumped LSU and its comatose offense 21-0 Monday night in the title game.

Fans of the football crew gathered Tuesday at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport – who knew they had airports in Alabama – to greet the champs by, no doubt, yelling “roll Tide” and something silly about a yellow hammer. Aren’t you glad college football is over? Me, too!

Photo: AP Photo/The Birmingham News