Thursday, October 18, 2007

Quick Flush

So, we learned earlier that Jacobs Field is capable of draining about 12 inches of rain water in an hour. (See below.) Fascinating! I bet you're now wondering how that's possible. Well, I was too. My curiosity led me to a blog on the MLB Web site written by Murray Cook, a former groundskeeper who began his career in Salem, Va., not far from The Rainout Blog World Headquarters. Anyway, Cook posted this item to his blog more than a year ago explaining the make-up of the four layers of a baseball field and the roles each play in rapid water drainage.

Not sports weather related, but: Joe Torre has given the proverbial middle finger to the Yankees organization after those louts have had him twisting in the wind (I knew I could relate this to weather somehow) for days. Good for you Joe!

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