Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'll Let Others Do The Work Today

I wanted to delve a bit into the forecast for the upcoming World Series, which begins Wednesday night in Boston, but I'm really super busy today. So, rather than take time I don't have to do the necessary research, I'll send you, my faithful readers, to The Weather Guys blog on the USA Today Web site. You ever read The Weather Guys blog? They write about all things weather, not just sports. Plus, they are real "weather guys," meaning they are trained in meteorology and know the subject in and out, unlike the affable but ignorant writer of this sports weather blog. Anyway, their post today gives us insight into the World Series forecast and reveals that temperatures may be cooler in Boston than in Denver. That's surprising given the snow storm that hit Colorado this weekend and forced the Rockies to cancel outdoor practice Sunday. The Weather Guys, however, tell us why the forecast should not be all that surprising. Those guys are so cool. I think I feel a man crush developing.

(In the photo above are The Weather Guys, Bob Swanson and Doyle Rice.)

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