Monday, October 29, 2007

Field Report

Speaking of the rain and mud in jolly old England Sunday (See below), Paul Schwartz of the New York Post has a sidebar column today about the playing conditions during the Giants/Dolphins game at Wembley Stadium. You can read it here. An excerpt from Schwartz' column is below, and yes, I did fabricate this post simply to put up another pic from the game. Oh, and the N.Y. Post has an uber cool photo gallery from the contest here. Cheerio!

The sun did not shine even once during the Giants' four-day stay here and a steady and at times heavy rain began early yesterday and didn't stop all night. That turned an already-suspect field into a completely-inadequate field and made it a detrimental factor in the Giants' 13-10 victory over the Dolphins.

Any British fans expecting speed and agility instead saw trudging and immobility. The conditions were the same for both sides, of course, but the Giants have far more skilled players on offense and Eli Manning's passing attack was reduced to a soggy wing and no prayer.

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