Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Raider Nation Finds Odd Way to Prep For Chargers

In case you didn't notice the Oakland Raiders have played in two consecutive road games in which the contests were delayed by Mother Nature. First, a lightning storm halted the Raiders' game in Denver by 24 minutes, and couple of weeks ago Lane Kiffin and his Black and Silver crew had its kickoff in Miami pushed back a half an hour by more charges of lightning. (The photo placement above is to visually illustrate the rainfall before the Raiders game in Miami and not just a gratuitous posting of a picture featuring a hot, wet NFL cheerleader.) This week, the Raiders are guaranteed to see lightning again, but this time it will be on the helmets (and pants) of the San Diego Super Chargers. There is a very slim chance, however, the Raiders will face a third consecutive weather delay. Forecast for San Diego Sunday call for mostly sunny skies. What else would expect from Sunny San Diego?

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