Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More About the Japanese Umbrella Girls

Last week in a post about the very rainy and extremely treacherous wet driving conditions at the Japanese Grand Prix, I posted a hot photo and briefly mentioned that the race queens – I initially referred to them as umbrella girls, I think – were present at the event and sporting cute pink and white short skits and umbrellas of the same colors. I didn't know it at the time, but Race Queens in Japan are a big deal. They stand in the pits along with the crew looking sexy and probably turning more than a Formula 1 drivers' heads.

The BBC News Web site featured an interesting story about the Race Girls a few years back. Below are some informative excerpts:

No Japanese race is complete without a parade of race queens, long-legged models in daringly skimpy costumes adorned with the colours of their team and its sponsor.

The race queens attract a lot more attention than the cars, attracting devoted fans who jostle to snap photographs of their idols.

Race queens embody the cult of 'kawaii' or cuteness, which you see all over Japan, peddling an image of doll-like beauty and unobtainable sexuality.

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