Tuesday, June 17, 2008

UEFA Dishing Cash to Replace Soaked Pitch

First of all, the Reuters photo above is one of the best sports-weather photos I’ve seen in a while. As for the story behind the super cool pic, UEFA is shelling out cash to replace the pitch at Basel’s St. Jakob-Park following heavy rain Wednesday during Switzerland’s win over Turkey in the first week of Euro 2008 and ahead of Portugal’s quarterfinal match there Thursday. (Man, that was a long sentence.) The park will host another quarterfinal match and a semifinal. I could really get into this tournament if I didn’t have to be at work when the matches were being played. Stupid job… always interfering with my fun.

HOF Game Dies in the Rain

This year’s Major League Baseball Hall of Fame game was to be the last of an annual tradition that began in 1940. Turns out, last year’s game was the last. Does that make sense? Rain knocked out Monday’s exhibition game in Cooperstown between the Cubs and Padres. MLB announced in January that the exhibition game was ending because of scheduling conflicts. The decision was unpopular among many fans, and some are protesting to keep the game alive. Good luck to ‘em. Hell, I didn’t even know the game was scheduled until I heard it had been rained out.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Turkey Plays Better in the Rain

I can't say I've seen much of the European Championships, but I did happen to catch of little of the soaker Wednesday between Turkey and Switzerland. Turkey won, 2-1 and, I think, eliminated Switzerland. I'd look it up, but I have to go cut the grass.