Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Derby rain

Chelsea and Derby County are going at each other today in a Capital One Cup quarterfinal match at iPro Stadium. 

At the moment, Chelsea holds a 2-0 lead on a rainy night in Derby.

UPDATE: Chelsea is through to the semifinals with a 3-1 victory. Here's the full report from the London club, complete with photos.

-- Rain --

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Friday Football Forecasts (A day early)

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About a year ago, I thought it was a good idea to post the gameday forecasts for each NFL contest. Why hadn’t I thought of this earlier? Next year, I’ll do this every week from the beginning of the season, I thought.

When the new NFL season rolled around in September, I remembered my plans. And then I checked the forecasts.

Oh! Everything is the same: Sunny and warm.

Why didn’t I think of that earlier?

Anyway, here we are in December and week 14 of the NFL season. It’s a good time to bring back the Friday Football Forecasts, starting with tonight’s game, a Thursday night affair, (I love starting Friday on a Thursday) between the Bears and my childhood team, the Cowboys, in Chicago.

Cowboys at Bears (Night): Low of 35/Mostly cloudy (Wait. Tell Romo’s December record again.)

Steelers at Bengals: High of 39/Partly cloudy

Colts at Browns: High of 35/Partly cloudy

Giants at Titans: High of 44/Mostly cloudy

Ravens at Dolphins: High of 76/Clear (Ahhhh, nice!)

Jets at Vikings: High of 29/Overcast (Yep, an overcast of gloom for the Jets’ offense.)

Rams at Redskins: High of 42/Clear

Texans at Jaguars: High of 62/Partly cloudy

Bills at Broncos: High of 50/Clear:

49ers at Raiders: High of 62/Overcast

Seahawks at Eagles: High of 38/Clear (Game of the Day?)

Patriots at Chargers (Night): Low of 63/Mostly cloudy

Monday Night
Falcons at Packers: Low of 26/Mostly cloudy

-- Rainout --

On the flip side

Associated Press
This blog is mostly dedicated to bad weather conditions and how those conditions can play havoc at sporting events.

I, like most people (I think) love that stuff. That’s why I created this blog.

With that said, I couldn't help but be captivated by the images on my TV Saturday when I tuned in for the USC thumping of Notre Dame. It was beautiful weather there in Southern California, nothing like what was outside my house that day.

The LA Times reported USC received commitments from at least six recruits that day. If given the opportunity to play, study and live where it’s sunny and 75 in late November, who wouldn't make that commitment?


Rodgers: Green Bay weather gives us advantage

Heading into December’s slate of NFL games, the Green Bay Packers find themselves a game in front of the Detroit Lions for the NFC North division lead.

At 9-3 and coming off an impressive win over the previously hot New England Patriots on a cold evening in Green Bay, the Packers are in position to grab the division title, particularly with two of their remaining regular season games being at Lambeau Field.

One of those games, the last of the season, is against the Lions, a team that has bested the Packers earlier in the season.

The Packers, led by super quarterback Aaron Rodgers, are also fighting for home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. Playing in those frigid Green Bay temperatures, and especially field slick from snow and ice, gives the Packers’ offense an advantage, says Rodgers, even against other cold weather teams.

“It doesn't really matter what team comes in; there’s an advantage based on the footing and the weather,” Rodgers said this morning on ESPN’s Mike and Mike. “I’ve always found in the cold weather, it’s a little bit more difficult to rush the passer. And, the footing favors the offense because, much like on an icy field or a wet field, an offensive player knows where he’s going. You have a slight advantage there.”

We all know that from our days playing backyard football in the snow, right?

If you were running with the ball, you could easily put a move on a defender, who would have to react to your movement, and then slip right on his keister. Anyone who has experienced the joy of football in the snow with their buddies has more than likely been on both ends of that scenario.

OK. Back to Rodgers. He briefly mentioned the effect cold temps can have on the ball, saying “the cold weather does some different things to the football, and if you’re not used to that it can bother you a little bit.”

I was hoping Professor Rodgers would delve in how the elasticity of the ball decreases in the cold. It would have been great to get a cold-weather quarterback’s insight into how the frigid temps affect his grip and the flight of the ball.

Hey, you know what. Maybe I’ll give him a call.

Stay tuned.