Thursday, February 23, 2012

You Kids Get Off My Lawn

To all spammers out there who insist on leaving (usually unreadable) messages in the comments section of this blog: I hate to rain on your parade, but no one reads this blog. No one! It's a simple project I do for fun in my spare time. 

Your advertisements, or whatever you call that crap, will not be seen here. Now, run along and play someplace else. Scram!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Did The Beatles Ever Sing about Foggy Nights in Liverpool?

You are looking live, sort of, at foggy Anfield, where today – tonight in Liverpool – the Reds host mighty Tottenham.

Well, "mighty" may be a bit of a stretch for the Premier League's third place side, but Hot Spur are having a nice run this season.

Anyway, the match, which I hope to catch glimpses of as I work today in The Rainout Blog satellite office, should be fun if the fog continues to hover along the pitch.

By the way, the neat photo above is from the Liverpool Facebook page.

Speaking of Premier League social media pages, Manchester City posted on its Facebook site a nifty gallery of Saturday's beautiful snowy scene at The Etihad Stadium Saturday.

I watched some of the match live and caught more of the visuals later that night on replay. I particularly enjoyed watching grounds crew members shovel snow away from the penalty areas.

If anyone was at the match and took photos you'd like to share with the – uh,hm –  many, many Rainout Blog readers please send those my way.