Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Rain in Shea...

I have nothing else to do -- actually I have a lot to do, but I'm stalling -- so I'll tell you there's a rain delay in the fifth inning of the Mets-versus-Giants game Shea Stadium. Not many rain delays left at that ol' dump, eh? I shouldn't call it a dump. I've never been there. But those who have, say it's a dump. Anyway, if you're a really bored Mets or Giants fan, you can keep up with the game, once it resumes, on David Lennon's live blog.

By the way, did anyone listen today to Chris Russo on WFAN? I'd liked to know what he had to say about Tim Lincecum getting shelled by Mets batters Tuesday night. I didn't hear Doggie today. I was listening to the Yankees sweep the Rays. Is the SI cover jinx already afecting Lincecum? (That's not a serious question.)

I'm done for now. Have a good night.

Pirates Do it Better in the Rain

The Pittsburgh Pirates survived three hours and seven minutes worth of rain delays Tuesday night to beat the slumping Houston Astros 4-3 at soggy PNC Park. The first delay popped up in the fourth inning, lasting two hours and 30 minutes. The second break in the action lasted 28 minutes and followed less than an hour later in the bottom of the sixth. The delays gave Pittsburgh fans plenty of time to check on the status of the sale of the Steelers. Rain fell steadily at times while the teams played the innings between the two delays. The photo above is from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, which has a full game photo gallery here.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Royal Rain

Heavy rain flooded parts of the outfield before Tuesday's game at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. More details at

UPDATE: The start of the Royals game with the White Sox was not delayed. The first pitch was fired on schedule. Workers at Kauffman Stadium worked swiftly to remove water from the warning track and other parts of the ballpark. Read more about it on the Royals Web site. At last check this game was going into the 11th inning, tied at 5-5. I'm going to bed.

NFL Teams Soon Will Feel the Heat

Hey, it’s hot as hell outside, but at least we’re not out busting our butts, knocking heads with 240-pound linebackers in 98-degree heat. Wait. That kind of sounds like fun. It would be more fun than sitting at a cubicle all day, right? Soon, NFL teams will be back to the grind as training camps open in about two weeks. Here’s a complete schedule. The Jets rookies report July 16. The J-E-T-S need to begin as early as possible. Our world champion New York Football Giants go to camp in Albany July 25. I went to Bengals camp about three years ago. A friend got me and another buddy sideline passes for an intra-squad scrimmage. That was the closest I’ve ever been to NFL action, and it was a blast.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Is Probably Another Loss for Nats

Is there a chance that a Nats win or two can be found just beyond that double rainbow? Not bloody likely. This photo was taken in late June, just before the Washington club took the field at Nationals Park and were handed an 8-3 defeat by the Angels. The Nationals have only 34 victories this season, the fewest in the major leagues. I still proudly wear my Curly W cap when I go to the store early, before I’ve had a chance to shower. I get a severe case of bed head when I sleep.

Lightning Strike Kills Three Soccer Players

Ordinarily, I like to keep the mood light here at The Rainout Blog, but I should mention the story out of Cambodia last week about three young soccer players – each were in their 20s – who were struck and killed by lightning during a tournament in the Southeast Asian nation’s capital. Three other players were hospitalized following the lightning strike. The game was being played during a monsoon-season thunderstorm. There’s a Reuters photo on the Web showing players carrying a teammate’s body off the field, but I’m not going to post it or link to it here. It’s easily Googled and found if you like looking at dead people. Not me.

R-Braves Dance Around Rain

Nearly three inches of rain fell in 90 minutes Sunday in Richmond, Va., causing postponement of a minor league contest Monday between the hometown Braves and the Pawtucket Red Sox. It was really windy there, too. So much so, that several nails holding down the tarp were blown lose. You want to know more? Read it here…

Monday, July 07, 2008

More Post-Closing Stuff

I wanted to post the above photo last week, but the pic popped up on the Web shortly after I had decided to close The Rainout Blog. Since I’ve stuck to the closing-the-blog decision about as well as I stick to my workout schedule, I thought I’d post this photo of Zheng Jie during a rain delay Thursday against Serena Williams in a semifinal match at Wimbledon.

Braving the Storm

Ok, I’m already tired of writing about fuzzy balls and bald tires. Let’s get back to baseball for a bit. Did I mention I have shut down this blog? Anyway, the scene above is from Sunday’s Braves win over Houston in Atlanta. Mark Teixiera’s bases-loaded single off the left-center field wall in the 17th inning gave the Braves a 7-6 win. The start of the game was delayed for an hour and 50 minutes and, with the extra innings, turned into the longest game ever played at Turner Field.

No Rain Delays on the F1 Track

Lots of rain Sunday, not just at Wimbledon, but also at the British F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone. Lewis Hamilton won the event. I have no idea who that is, but the dude managed to survive the wet track and capture the checkered flag. I don’t like to drive on the Interstate at 65 mph in the rain.

How Will They Vote?

These folks will probably vote for the roof (See below).

Hold the Roof, Please

Hey, that was an epic gentlemen’s final at Wimbledon Sunday, eh? I watched bits and pieces of the match, but there’s no way I could have sat through the whole thing. But some of you did watch it all, point after point, rain delay after rain delay. The Guardian is polling you folks today to learn what you think about the possibility of a roof being built over Center Court for future tournaments. Will a lid over the court ruin the excitement for you? Did the rain delays, threat of more rain and approaching darkness add to the atmosphere? You know how I hate domes and roofs over ballparks and such, so I’m voting against the roof. You can cast your vote on the Guardian’s Web site. Happy voting. I’m out!

Pssssst! It’s me

I’m sneaking very quietly in the back door. Yeah, I know I wrote a few days ago that I was closing this blog, but I thought I’d post one more item. I’m allowed, right? Oh, and don’t think I pulling a Favre here. I just ran across this article on about the storied history of Phillies rain delays. Uh, ok. This story comes in the wake the Phils’ 2 hour-and-50-minute rain delay against the Mets Sunday. Anyway, enjoy the story. I’m out of here… for good this time. I promise.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Turn Out the Lights, the Blog is Over

It may be worth mentioning that this past Sunday, June 29, was the second anniversary of the Rainout Blog. Ok, maybe it’s not worth mentioning since I lost interest in updating the blog months ago. But it’s nice to say to I posted items fairly consistently over the past two years. With that, I think it’s finally time to put this worthless thing out of its misery. This is the last post. Thanks to those of you who read the blog the past 24 months. You three people know who you are. And thanks to those who took the time to leave comments – even the crazy lady from PETA. Good night, everyone. Last one out turn off the lights.