Friday, April 27, 2007

Lambeau All Wet

Judging from the Green Bay Packers Tailgate Cam, it’s pouring rain at Lambeau Field. And they need to install wipers on that camera. What’s the big deal you ask. It’s April and there’s no game at Lambeau any time soon, you say. Well, the team is installing a new turf, and as you can see on the stadium cam, the field is gone. I’m sure the workers are under a strict schedule to get the new turf installed. The new field still will be natural grass, but will be reinforced with synthetic fibers. A new drainage and heating system is being installed, too. The Packers assure their fans that this new turf will not diminish the legend of Lambeau, saying that the field will continue to get muddy and will freeze. It is the same turf used by the Steelers, Eagles and Broncos.

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