Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fans Must Put Up With Cold, Columnist Writes

Much debate has been struck over the past week and a half about what some say is a necessity for Major League Baseball to rethink the way it schedules games in April. This comes after games have been snowed out in Cleveland and Chicago and cold temperatures have plagued games across the Northeast and Midwest. Many in sports media are calling for teams located in these geographic areas to open their seasons on the road in warm-weather cities or against teams who play their home games in domes. However, Chicago Tribune columnist Rick Morrissey says the media and fans should just suck it up. Morrissey wrote Wednesday:

Just because the Indians have been bundled up like Ralphie's kid brother in "A Christmas Story" doesn't mean it will be like that every spring. You can't change scheduling based on one spring. No, it's not normal to see Indians players throwing snowballs instead of baseballs. But you can't legislate against snow and low temperatures. The minute you do, you're ensuring that next April will feel like the desert.

Read Morrissey's column.

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