Friday, April 27, 2007

Portsmouth Keeper Makes Pitch to Green English Premier League

The pitch is green, so why not make an effort to green-up more of the English Premier League? That's a question Portsmouth keeper David James is asking. He also is asking his fellow footballers and those who run the EPL to help with solutions in making the league more environmentally friendly.

According to the BBC News Web site, James has been pitching ideas to EPL clubs and the FA. One of those ideas is adding a public transportation pass to game tickets to cut down on the amount of traffic going and leaving matches.

"I'd like rewards for teams that were environmentally friendly. Why not introduce initiatives to qualify for Europe through environmental friendliness rather than friendliness on the field," James said.

The Portsmouth star, himself, is setting a good example as to how other players can make lifestyle changes and, ultimately, a difference toward cleaning the planet. He said he is in the process of converting his Chrysler to run on biodiesel. Read more of James' ideas and the entire BBC article.

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