Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hot Flames Ice Girls Clear Snow

Operating a sports weather blog doesn't create many opportunities for me to write about one of my favorite sports: hockey. So, sometimes I have to stretch the news a bit in order to give mention to the world's most underrated sport. Today, we give mention to snow cleanup from Tuesday's NHL Western Conference quarterfinal Game 3 between the Detroit Red Wings and the Flames in Calgary. The flames won 2-1 and now trail 2-1 in the series. The photo above (REUTERS/Patrick Price – CANADA) shows an ice girl, as they are often called, shoveling loose snow in front of the net guarded by Wings goalie Dominik Hasek. Told ya it was a stretch.

A story involving the New York Islanders ice babes and New Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist and defenseman Sean Avery received considerable attention two weeks ago when an ice girl accused Lundqvist of not moving from the net and knocking the stick of her shovel into her belly. Another Islanders ice girl accused someone from the Rangers bench of spitting on her. The NHL basically told the ice girls to shove it.

Let's Go Rangers!!!

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