Wednesday, April 11, 2007 features Jacobs Grounds Crew featured a story Monday about Jacobs Field groundskeepers and the effort they put forth day in an attempt to get the field ready for that day's doubleheader with Seattle. The ballyard was covered with 18 inches of snow in some parts, and the crew began work at 6 a.m., hoping to have the Jake ready in time for the scheduled 4:05 p.m. first pitch, the story reports. At the same time, scores of workers were shoveling the seats and aisles. The game eventually was called at 11 a.m. The Indians and Mariners had tried all weekend to play those games, but failed in all attempts. Friday, the two squads began play, but suffered through three snow delays before the game was called. The MLB story mentioned the grounds crew used various machines and plows to move the snow, but there's no mention of a zamboni.

That reminds me, the NHL playoffs begin tonight. Game On!

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