Monday, April 09, 2007

Snow Forces Tribe to Milwaukee

Who ever heard of traveling to Milwaukee to avoid snow?
Well, now you have. The Cleveland Indians, after many failed attempts at staging its 109th opening day in team history, are now being forced to make their home on the road for the next few days.
The Tribe and Seattle Mariners hopelessly tried to take the field over the weekend, but snow continually forced the teams out of action. Doubleheaders had been scheduled Friday, Saturday, Sunday and again Monday, but with the same result: Postponement after postponement. The two American League clubs did get on the field Friday, but finally had to give up and retire to the clubhouse when the snow would not stop falling (As you can see in the above AP photo).
Three delays halted action on Friday before the umpires eventually called the game one strike short of a complete contest. Maybe you can blame that somewhat on the Mariners pitchers.
As I listened to the game Friday on XM, I heard one member of the Indians radio crew utter something about the fans had sat through three long snow delays and bitter cold temperatures and were not in the mood to see pick-off throws by the Ms pitching staff.
Good point.
They also had a few words for the schedule makers who put home games in Cleveland at the beginning of April.
So now the Indians are off to Milwaukee and will have their home opener at Miller Park while the Brewers are on the road. Not exactly what Cleveland fans has in mind for opening day, but there isn't much you can with 10 inches of snow covering Jacobs Field. The Tribe and Los Angeles Angels will play game one of their series Tuesday under the retractable roof of the warm, comfortable Miller Park.

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