Monday, April 30, 2007

Last Day of Cricket Delays

I swore I was no longer going to blog about rain delays in the Cricket World Cup, but a couple things changed my mind. One: the most recent rain fall came in the championship match, so this will be the last of what has been many rain delays halting this long, drawn-out championship tournament played in Barbados. The second item that changed my mind was the photo above of a fan of team Australia attempting to cover up during the showers. It's not often we get to feature hotties like the one above in a sports weather blog. That pic has to improve our hit numbers dramatically. In case you wondering about the match, Australia won, we here, by 53 runs over Sri Lanka for its third consecutive title and fourth overall. Apparently there was a controversial decision made by match officials that somehow led the Sri Lanka team to play in virtual darkness near the end. What? Are there no lights in Barbados? Anyway, if you want to read the entire story from someone who covers cricket and apparently knows the sport, here ya go! If you need further proof of rain and the three-hour delay it caused, see the photo below.

Weather Term of the Day:
CUMULONIMBUS -- A vertically developed cumulus cloud, often capped by an anvil-shaped cirriform cloud. Also called a thunderstorm cloud, it is frequently accompanied by heavy showers, lightning, thunder, and sometimes hail, tornadoes or strong, gusty winds.

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