Friday, April 13, 2007

Running in the Rain?

The 111th Boston Marathon is Monday, and it may be a wet run. A huge storm is forcasted for the Boston area that day, and the storm also could threaten the Red Sox traditional morning game at Fenway. The racing shoes will get wet because the race will go on in through the rain, but the Sox will postpone and stay dry. (That's so lame!) Below is a brief from the New York Times about the race.

RAIN WILL NOT STOP BOSTON RACE A powerful storm threatens to drench runners and spectators of the Boston Marathon but a race official said yesterday that the event, the world’s oldest annually run footrace, would go ahead as planned. Near-freezing temperatures, rain and gale-force winds are forecast for Monday’s race, which could make it one of the toughest since runners first competed on the hilly course in 1897.

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