Friday, April 27, 2007

Game Called Because of Rain! So What’s On TV?

When baseball rainouts occur, the TV stations carrying those lost games must find alternate programming. They can’t just have a blank screen for three hours, right? So what was on the cable stations last night that were scheduled to carry the rained-out Tigers-White Sox game? During the time I was channel surfing, between 8:30 and 9 p.m., Fox Sports Detroit was running a special on the Tigers’ Curtis Granderson, and Comcast Sportsnet Chicaco ran with boxing.

Winner? Neither are exactly the entertainment equivalent of The Andy Griffith Show (Remember back in the day when WTBS would run Andy and Barney during rain delays of Braves games?), but I’ll go with Fox Sports Detroit. Boxing puts me to sleep.

However, after 9 p.m., I’m not sure what was on those channels because at that point, I was lost in Liz Lemon. Ah, Liz Lemon! I’d like to take her behind the middle school and… uh, never mind.

Let’s go back for a second. Speaking of the WTBS showing the Andy Griffith Show during Braves rain delays, I read an item from a blog or message board or something a couple of days ago from someone who said he worked at the cable channel during those days. The writer said that those replacement shows, such as TAGS and the Beverly Hillbillies and such, often would get better ratings than the Braves games. That’s hardly surprising since the Braves stunk during most of the 80s.

Weather Term of the Day:
MESOCYCLONE -- A area of rotation of storm size that may often be found on the southwest part of a supercell. Its circulation can be larger than the tornado that may develop within it, but not necessarily. Originally a radar term for a rotation signature that met certain criteria, it is best seen on Doppler radar.

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