Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snow Battle in '50 Turns Rosie for Michigan

I was reading The Weather Guys earlier and noticed that they had posted a short note Monday about the snow game played Sunday in Cleveland. Weather Guy Doyle Rice wrote that the game reminded him of other notable snow games, including the snow plow game, the tuck rule game and the 1950 Ohio State-versus-Michigan showdown played in five inches of snow in Columbus. I don't remember ever reading about the latter, but there's a nice account online here that is taken from Ohio State's alumni magazine. The story recalls the basic strategy for both teams was to run the ball up the middle a couple of times and then punt on third down to avoid a costly fumble on fourth down. Seems simple (and boring) enough. Michigan escaped with a 9-3 win in front of 50,503 frost-bitten fans. The win also put Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

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