Monday, December 17, 2007

Dawson's Kick

Wind was gusting at 40 mph at times during the blizzard in Cleveland Sunday, creating havoc on, well, about everything, including the kicking game. Brown's kicker Phil Dawson, who punched in a couple of wobblers, said he went against kicker's code and aimed his tries outside the goalposts. His first field goal began 10 feet outside the right upright and was blown just inside the left post to give the Brownies a 3-zip lead. Cleveland won 8-0 over the Bills. "Challenging. Brutal," Dawson told reporters after the game. "I would have to say in my nine years here that was by far the most difficult day to kick a football. Had there been no snow at all, it would've been in the top five just because of the way the wind was blowing."

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