Monday, December 17, 2007

Rip the Roof Off This Place

Is it Monday yet? Yes, it is and tonight the Chicago Bears visit Minneapolis to play their NFC North division rival Minnesota Vikings. Temperatures will dip down to about 17 degrees tonight and there still is left over snow on the ground, as evidenced by this Web cam showing the progress of the Twins new ballpark.

I know that you know that I know that you know the Vikings play in the controlled comforts of the Metrodome, where no weather element is allowed to introduce itself to Vikings football. Once upon a time, however, the gridiron Norsemen played their games outside at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minnesota.

My pal Chad in the J.C. alerted me today about this brief YouTube video (below) of CBS's opening for the 1975 NFC Championship game between the Vikings and Dallas Cowboys. You clearly can see snow piled all around the playing field at Metropolitan Stadium. Look how young Brent Musburger looks. And look at Phyllis George. Wowza! One more thing: Drew Pearson did not push off. Well, that's what Chad tells me.

By the way, as you're looking at the Twins ballpark construction cam, you can see a portion of the Metrodome at the bottom left corner. Joe Namath and his freshly-earned college degree are sitting here with me. We're watching the Web cam for Suzie Kolber to walk by the dome. Man, I'd like to kiss her.

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