Monday, December 17, 2007

Pats Fans Are Perfect Snow Tossers

I know I said the post below was my last of the day, but I just discovered has an excellent photo gallery featuring shots from Sunday's bad weather action. In addition to the snow games in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Foxborough, SI's gallery has shots from the evening's game in Giants Stadium, where winds swirled around the huge stadium. Is that why G-Men receivers dropped 12 passes? Of course not. The drops had to be Eli's fault. I hear wind was heavy, too, in Carolina for the Panthers' upset win over Seattle. I try to keep this blog visual, so I didn't mention the windy games because, well, wind is not very visual. Ok, that's it. I'm officially finished for the day.

One more thing: If we learned anything from Sunday's weather games, it's that Patriots' fans like to toss snow in the air like 8-year-old girls. What's up with that?

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