Thursday, August 02, 2012

Your Olympics Forecast

One more thing before I call it a night... or morning. Here, from The Weather Channel, is the five-day forecast for London, the site of many outdoor events in the summer Olympic games.

And if you need to know the Olympic game weather happenings for today and Friday, I've coveniently stolen borrowed the forecast from The Weather Channel and pasted it below.

"By Thursday the UK will be in a slightly fresher flow from the west with quite a deep low pressure center not far from northwest Ireland. Much of the UK will start dry and quite sunny with gentle southwest breezes. Scattered showers will develop over southwest England during the morning and become heavier over south Wales and southwest England by midday.

These showers then slowly move northeast in the afternoon to the English Midlands (e.g. Birmingham) and central Southern England, but many places miss them and escape dry. Any showers over southeast England and the London area will be isolated with typically a 30% risk of an afternoon shower.

Temperatures will reach 68 to 72 degrees over eastern England and 64 to 66 degrees over the west. Moderate south to southwest breezes over southern England with a 15- to 20-knot (17 to 23 mph) southwest wind along the south coast and off Weymouth for the Olympic sailing.

For London, a fine morning and mostly sunny start. Becoming partly cloudy with a 30% chance of a light afternoon rain shower. A fine and sunny evening. Moderate southwest winds.

By Friday, the low pressure center will move across western Ireland, but will only have a limited influence on the weather across the UK. Another mainly dry morning with sunny spells, except for the risk of a few showers near southern and western coasts. Through the day isolated light rain showers will develop, but most places stay dry away from the western UK.

Some more frequent showers are expected across parts of southern Wales and southwest England, while most of the heavy showers will be over Ireland. Gentle southwest breezes, becoming moderate along the south coast. Feeling quite pleasant in the sunshine with afternoon temperatures 68 to 72 degrees across much of England but a couple of degrees colder in the west and across Wales."

By the way, this is the 400th post to The Rainout Blog. That's right. I've been writing this blog off and on -- mostly off -- for just more than six years, and I'm just now hitting 400 posts. It's creeping right along. Good night everybody!

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