Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Stay Covered and Carry On

I admit, I'm mostly posting this item just to get shirtless Timmy off the top of the blog, but this bit of information could be important to all you Olympics watchers out there.

According to an article in The Telegraph today, forecasters in the UK are predicting "that the weather will remain unsettled for up to 16 days with sunshine and showers dominating the skies."

A forecaster for Vantage Weather Services told The Telegraph "August is looking dreadful. Apart from the odd spike of hot weather, the whole month will be cooler than average with this picture of persistent heavy rain really keeping the theme.”

I can't wait to see how this all plays out. On one had, it would be great for the Olympic athletes, who have been training years for these two weeks, to have perfect weather in which to compete. However, the devil hovering over my left shoulder says "let them test their abilities in nasty, dreadful weather." That same devil keeps asking me for cigarettes. 

This may be my worst blog post ever! But hey, if you want to check out some good writing, check out this column about the Olympics, rain and bikini-clad beach volleyball players.

Carry on!

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