Wednesday, August 01, 2012

No Streaking in the Rain

Justin Verlander failed to pitch past the sixth inning Tuesday for the first time in his past 63 starts.

Why? Blame it on the rain… and perhaps the Red Sox.

The Detroit pitcher had lengthy innings in the first and fourth, tossing 31 and 35 pitches in those frames, respectively.

He gave up four runs in the fourth, and that was all the Red Sox needed to take a rain-shortened 4-1 over the Tigers' ace at Fenway Park.

After the game, Verlander didn't blame precipitation for his woes:

“I was able to keep my hand pretty dry,” he said. “The only area it affects you is when you start throwing a little bit harder. (Your foot) lands in a (new) area. I was slipping a little bit. That’s why the ball was elevated. It became pretty difficult for me to throw a strike.”

By the way, if you want to check out photos of the rainy night's action, the Boston Herald has a neat gallery, mostly of Red Sox players, of course.

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