Thursday, December 01, 2011

Rodgers Won't Blame it on the Rain... or Snow... but Maybe Wind

If the Green Bay Packers slip on their way to an undefeated season, Aaron Rodgers is not going to blame the weather.

While discussing on his radio show Tuesday a potential “recipe” for opposing teams to beat the Packers – by the way, that show is a must-listen for any football fan – the Packers’ quarterback told host Jason Wilde that “depending on the severity of the weather, it can have an impact on any game, but I think you have to factor in what opponent you‘re playing, the setting, be it home or away, those are all individual factors as well, so I don’t think you can put weather above those other factors.”

Rodgers also noted, and we hear this from players and experts about this time each year, that nasty weather and slippery fields can be helpful to offenses, a scary thought for the Packs’ remaining opponents.

“I think when you get into a field where it might not be the best footing … I don’t think you can immediately dismiss the notion that it’s going to be difficult to throw the ball,” Rodgers told Wilde. “I think you have to factor in that not only is it going to be difficult footing for the offense, but for the defense, and as the offensive player knows where he’s going, the defensive player has to react. I think that gives you a slight advantage. If you’re able to grip the ball effectively, and not have to deal with severe winds to go along with the cold conditions, I think you should have a good opportunity to throw the ball effectively.”

Rodgers should have no trouble tossing the ball around the field in snow and cold, but as he said, wind could be a problem. The Packers play on the road against the Giants this weekend, where wind typically can be a problem.

However, a quick check of the forecast calls for relatively calm winds with temperatures in the mid 50s under partly sunny skies. That sounds like a recipe for disaster for the Giants defense.

Photo: Associated Press

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