Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fog or Fireworks?

Is it fog or smoke from a pre-match fireworks display covering the pitch
during a recent match at Toyota Stadium? Who knows?
The caption on this Dec, 8 Associated Press photo reads:

"Fog shrouds the Toyota Stadium where Auckland FC plays Kashiwa Reysol during the playoff for the quarterfinal at the FIFA Club World Cup soccer in Toyota, near Nagoya, central Japan, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011. (AP Photo/Shuji Kajiyama)"

You know how I love foggy playing fields, so I had to post the pic.

While doing a little research for a brief story to accompany the photo, I found no reference to foggy playing conditions during Kashiwa Reysol’s 2-0 over their opening round opponents from New Zealand.

However, a match review on the FIFA website noted:

"The action was preceded by an opening ceremony that culminated with some deafening fireworks, but there was nothing particularly explosive during an untidy opening to the match itself."

So, was it fog or smoke from the fireworks display shrouding Toyota Stadium last Thursday?

Anyone out there know the answer?

This may be The Rainout Blog’s first attempt at investigative journalism… or first attempt at journalism, period. 

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