Saturday, December 17, 2011

Answer Still Foggy

On Tuesday, I posted a brief story centered on an Associated Press photo of a recent FIFA Club World Cup soccer match in Japan between Auckland FC and Kashiwa Reysol. The caption mentioned that fog shrouded Toyota Stadium at the point the photo was taken.

Indeed, it looks like fog, and, who am I to question the AP?

However, no story I read about the match mentioned fog, but one story did mention a pre-match fireworks display. So I asked: was it fog or smoke from the fireworks?

Keep in mind: I know this isn’t super important and no one really gives rats arse either way. But this is a sports weather blog, so I thought I’d take a crack and uncovering the truth. You know… just for fun.

I sent out a few Tweets and emails and then yesterday received this email from Auckland FC Media Manager Gordon Glen Watson:


I was there, and my first impression was the 'mist' was from the fireworks display of the short opening ceremony.

However, as the match progressed, the mercury fell and the argument for fog probably becomes stronger.

To be honest, there was no way to be 100% completely sure.

There was steam coming off the players, so that's also an indicator.

The fireworks display wasn't that grandiose, although the roof was closed over the pitch, so who can tell.

The focus was mainly on the football, although I did hear journalists from abroad ask whether it was fog or smoke.

Let me know when you find out!



Ok, we’re not any closer to knowing the answer, but as I said, it’s really not important, just fun.

Big thanks to Watson for taking the time from his busy schedule to reply to my email at – I hope my math is correct – approximately 11:23 p.m. on a Friday night.

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