Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Zygi, It's Cold Outside

Wow, it was cold in Minnesota last night, eh? Not that I was at the game. Heck no. I was sitting comfortably in the man cave, sipping on hot cocoa. Yummy.

What wasn’t so good was the game. It was a stinker by most measures. A stinker unless you like the way weather often inserts itself into sports. I do. That’s why I (sometimes) write this blog. You do. That’s why you’re wasting time, probably at work, reading this nonsense.

When we looked at the NFL schedule back in September – when the Vikings had Super Bowl hopes and the Bears… we’ll, we didn’t know what to think about the Bears – we thought that, come December 20, the Vikes would be sitting as comfortable in the playoff picture – playing in the cozy Metrodome – as me sitting on my man cave couch.

It’s funny how 16 inches of snow on the Metrodome roof – not to mention an aging quarterback’s banged up body – can change things.

By the way, in case you somehow missed the action or any news reports, the Bears won 40-14 and clinched the NFC North title. Game time temperatures were 20 degrees with a wind chill of 9. Burrrr! Pass the hot cocoa… and someone take the whip cream away from Ty.

Zygi said what? You would think last night’s conditions would prompt the Vikings brass to build some sort of super indoor football facility and perhaps chip in a little cash so that all cold-weather teams could build a dome. Not the case. Vikings owner Zygi Wilf said he’d like all the Vikings home games played outdoors. “Football should be played outdoors, and for the Vikings in the past, the weather has given the Vikings a big advantage," Wilf said… uh, before the game. We’ll see if he changes his tune.

Before we go today, let’s take one more look at that Metrodome roof collapse. I just can’t get enough.

Good night everybody.

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