Monday, December 27, 2010

Pennsylvania Governor Really Wanted to Watch the Eagles Sunday Night

I’m guessing it was nice and cozy in the governor’s mansion, or where ever Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell was planning to watch the Eagles game from Sunday night. I bet he had his chips, dip, a lovely beverage and his Eagles Snuggie all ready when he leaned the game had been postponed. Rendell, upset about the NFL’s decision to move the Eagles-Vikings game in snowy Philadelphia to Tuesday night for the safety of the fans, told Fox 29 News in a live interview that “fans can make their own judgments about their safety. This is football.” Rendell went on to invoke the name of Vince Lombardi, as everyone seems to do when they’ve been wronged by something as silly as a blizzard interrupting their football. You can see the entire interview on the Fox 29 website.

The Eagles-Vikings game will be played at 8 p.m., Tuesday night at Lincoln Financial Field. It will be the first Tuesday night NFL game since 1946.

In the meantime, snowy weather caused some minor problems for teams that did play On Sunday. After the Patriots spanked the Bills, the team had to take a bus to Rochester, N.Y. for the night. And the Jets, fresh off of blowing a lead and eventually losing to the Bears, were forced to stay the night in Chicago.

I just read that Gov. Rendell provides commentary after Eagles games, so maybe he would have been at the game and not at wrapped up in a Snuggie at the governor’s mansion. But, I’m guessing he’s not in the booth for each Eagles home game. If anyone has any information about the Rendell’s commentaries, send me an e-mail.

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