Monday, December 27, 2010

The Ultimate Bad-Weather Team

As I sit here at The Rainout Blog World Headquarters watching the Saints and Falcons play in the warm, cozy Georgia Dome, I’m wondering about how either of these teams would fair against the New England Patriots if they were squaring off, let’s say, on a snowy night in New England with the temperature at 18 degrees and the wind chill at nine. I’m guessing the Pats would roll either of those fair-weather teams, just like they always have done in the Bill Belichick era in New England.

Seriously, have you noticed Tom Brady and the Belichick-led Patriots never lose in cold weather, particularly in snowy, nasty weather?

In the last five Patriots games played in at least snow flurries – including the 34-3 thumping of the Bills in Buffalo Sunday, the Pats have outscored their opponents 211-24, according to the Boston Globe’s Gregory Lee Jr.

And since Bellichick took over as HC of the NEP, the Patriots are 12-0 in snow games. Three of those victories have come in the playoffs, including the tuck rule game back in 2002. Eight years later, I’m still ticked about the tuck.

The tuck rule game was probably the most significant win of the 12 – it led to the Patriots dynasty in the early 2000s – but, to me, the most impressive and memorable snow game wins were the 36-7 victory in Chicago a few weeks ago and the 59-0 spanking of Tennessee in October 2009.

Lee posted the dates, opponents, temperatures and scores of those 12 snow games on the Globe’s Extra Points blog Sunday after the win in Buffalo. Thanks for letting me share, fellas.

from the Boston Globe
Bill Belichik era snow games (12-0)
Date Opp. Tmp Weather W/L Score
12/26/10 at Buffalo 22 Snow flurries W 34-3
12/12/10 at Chicago 26 Snow W 36-7
10/18/09 Tennessee 39 Mixed Rain, Snow W 59-0
12/21/08 Arizona 30 Snow W 47-7
12/10/05 at Buffalo 30 Light Snow W 35-7
12/04/05 New York Jets 26 Light Snow W 16-3
01/16/05 Indianapolis* 25 Snow W 20-3
01/18/04 Indianapolis* 32 Light Snow W 24-14
12/14/03 Jaxsonville 25 Snow in 2nd Half W 27-13
12/07/03 Miami 28 Cold, Snow, Wind W 12-0
01/19/02 Oakland* 25 Snow, 3-5 inches W 16-13 ot
12/17/00 at Buffalo 35 Snow Showers W 13-10 ot

Photo: Dilip Vishwanat Source: Getty Images

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