Wednesday, December 22, 2010

That’s Way Too Much Water on the Poinsettia’s, Guys

Given the fact that the field at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium is several inches under water, I’ll give a slight edge to Navy in Thursday’s Poinsettia Bowl. I’m sure that’s not the first, nor the last, Navy joke you’ll read or hear regarding the stadium flood.

Heavy rain in Southern California over the past few days has left the stadium flooded, and now we’re less than 24 hours away from the scheduled kick off between Navy and San Diego State University.

Kickoff is scheduled for 5:06 p.m. Pacific, and Poinsettia Bowl officials are insistent the game will played as scheduled. "The stadium grounds crew worker will work round the clock to make sure they get in the game," executive director Bruce Binkowski said.

And if you’re worried about the San Diego Chargers, don’t. The team that calls Qualcomm Stadium home is finished with its regular season home schedule. However, there is a chance the team could host a playoff game next month. The Chargers end the regular season at the Bengals and Broncos. Now there’s a couple of teams that are under water.

A spokesman for Mayor Jerry Sanders said workers have been trying to pump water out of the stadium since Thursday morning. Good luck, fellas!

I’m no expert on pumping water from football fields – although I listed exactly that on a resume once – but I just can’t see how the field will be ready for play 21 hours from now after watching this footage from San Diego’s KGTV.

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