Friday, February 15, 2008

Writing In The Rain

What do baseball players do during rain delays? One player, journeyman catcher Chris Coste of the Phillies, has taken time to work on his book during rain showers at the ol’ ballyard.

"When I officially sat down to begin writing, it was kind of intimidating, because I was wondering, 'How could I possibly find time to do this?'" Coste says. "But honestly, there's tons of down time during the season. There were times during rain delays that I'd pop open my laptop and get going. And it was easy to get in the baseball mindset. I was able to almost recapture the same emotions because it was during the season."

Coste’s book is about his journey through the minor leaguers that eventually landed him in the major leagues in 2006 as “The 33-Year-Old Rookie.” Read more here.

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