Monday, February 11, 2008

Tennessee School Faking It On The Field

The Dobyns-Bennett High School baseball team may have to move a handful of its scheduled early-season home games to the road. The Kingsport, Tenn., school is, for some reason, installing an artificial surface to its home ballyard, J. Fred Johnson Stadium. However, lots of January rain has delayed the project, forcing construction crews to work overtime in an attempt to meet deadlines. If you have two minutes to kill, you can watch a short B-roll video about the project here.

That reminds me, I think I saw over the weekend a story about the Steelers electing to stick with natural grass at Heinz Field. Did I really see that story or was it just a dream? I'll check into it. If it's true, good for the Steelers.

By the way, this is post No. 250 on The Rainout Blog. Does that call for a celebration. You bet it does!!!

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