Monday, February 04, 2008

What, No Roof To Close?

Football is over for several months, so we'll have no more talk for a while about muddy gridirons, frozen tundras or roof closings. Those topics have ruled this space over the past couple of months. So, let's throw a change up. Let's talk tennis. No, this is not an excuse to display another Maria Sharapova photo.

Rain put a wash on the Fed Cup matches between Germany and the United States in La Jolla, Calif., Sunday. The rain delay lasted four hours before officials postponed the matches until Monday. The wet stuff did let up and the, uh, court crew, tried to dry the playing surface for the matches to resume. Suckers! More rain began to fall an hour later, prompting the postponement.

Lindsay Davenport is the U.S. player of note competing in the Fed Cup. The winner of the U.S.–Germany match – that best-of-five match was tied at 1-1 when the rains began to fall Sunday – will move on to play the Russian team, led by, you guessed it, Maria Sharapova.

I ordinarily don't like to mix rainouts with politics, but this is a cool photo.

The caption on this photo says rain is falling, but I think I'm missing… oh, wait. I think I see where rain has landed. Yeah, there it is.

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