Monday, March 19, 2007

If You Like Rain in Your Sports, This is as Goodison as it Gets

If you read the reports from Goodison Park, particularly those from the Arsenal side, you'll learn that Sunday's match between the Gunners and Everton was not a display of thrilling football. I happened to catch the end of the game just when a huge hail storm struck the Liverpool park and just moments before Everton's Andy Johnson fired a short into the Arsenal net to give his side a 1-0 win over the Gunners. Much of the game, as reports indicate, may have nearly put fans at Goodison to sleep, but the late-game rain, hail and Johnson's game-winner stuck like a shot of adrenaline. See more photos and read the Arsenal match report.

More Weather Stories from the Weekend
Those of you who have been around high school and small college baseball teams know that players' field duties aren’t always confined to snagging flies and scooping grounders. Often those players are responsible for field maintenance, particularly after rain has made a mess of their home field. This story from Texas is a good example of players pitching in on the grounds keeping.

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