Friday, March 09, 2007

Dashing Through the Snow

I usually write here about rain, snow and the effects of numerous other weather events on sporting events. Today, however, I'd like to call attention to an event that would be nothing without a little snow – actually, a lot of snow. A fellow named Lance Mackey, I hear, was the first to reach the halfway mark of the 1,100-mile Iditarod sled dog rage, which now is well underway in Alaska. Mackey has a little extra pressure to win this race. His father and brother are previous Iditarod champions. If he and his doggies fail to pull out a win this year, it might be tough times at the summer family cookouts for the Mackey male without a trophy.

You can keep an eye on the current standing and see a detailed interactive map of the race route from the warmth – it's currently 35 below where the leaders are now – of you own home at

One problem some of the mushers seem to be having is a lack of snow to melt to give dogs water. Hmmmm. Sounds like a global warming issue, eh Alex Wolff?

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