Friday, December 19, 2008

White (Sunday Before) Christmas

I’m an idiot.

Of course, if you’re a regular here, you already know that. My latest blunder involves my fantasy football team. Sure, I’m in the championship game, so I must have been doing something right, right? But where I went totally wrong was benching Payton Manning this week in favor of Matt Cassel. Manning tossed for 368 yards and three touchdowns last night in a win over Jacksonville. This Sunday, Cassel will be tossing snowballs.

When the Pats host the Cardinals Sunday, temperatures will be in the 30s and there is a good chance of snow and a wintery mix. Someone on the radio this morning – I don’t remember who – said the conditions could be similar to the Tuck Rule game. (That was a fun game to watch… until the @#$%& Patriots won on a totally bogus, @##$%&&* rule.) Patriots kicker Steve Gostkowski is preparing for whatever conditions arise (or fall) while the Pro Bowlers’ wife is preparing for the warmth of Hawaii. Meanwhile, the Warm-Weather Birds may be a little nervous about leaving the cozy, warm confines of their home dome.

The Panthers play the Giants in the wind tunnel that is the Meadowlands Sunday night in a super important game for both teams. The game forecast calls for temps in the 20s and single-digit wind chill. There’s also a chance for snow and freezing rain. (I’m trying to work in an Earth, Wind and Fire reference, but I’m just not that talented.)

Snow possibilities also are forecasted for Seattle on Sunday where the Jets hope to not allow their playoff chances melt like a snowman at August training camp. Remember when Brett Favre used to be the cold-weather king? I’m not sure that’s the case these days. I think he’d rather be playing indoors and wearing purple.

The Dolphins are staring at back-to-back cold weather games, starting this week in Kansas City where the high temperature is expected to top out at 9 degrees with winds reaching 18 to 24 mph and gusts as high as 33 mph. A week from Sunday the Dolphins travel to play the Jets in what could be a cold, night contest if the game is flexed into primetime, which could happen if the game is to decide the AFC East title.

"Cold weather can be used as an excuse," said Miami and former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington to the South Florida Sun Sentinel. "Both teams have to play in it. I did it for eight years. It's really a mind-over-matter type of thing. Cold weather, that's what football is really all about."

It still hurts a little inside to say “former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington.”

Perhaps the coldest game of the week will be Monday night in Chicago were the low temperature is predicted to be 2 degrees when the Bears and Packers kick off.

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