Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Snowball's Chance in Jail

Much attention has been given to the huge snow boulder Shaun Ellis of the Jets tossed into the stands at Qwest Field Sunday, but how about the snowball Todd Kobus took in the puss while being escorted from Gillette Stadium? Hilarious!

Kobus is the fella who rushed onto the field in the fourth quarter Sunday and tackled the Patriots’ Junior Seau on the sideline. Kobus is now saying that he is a big fan of Seau, and meant only to give the linebacker a hug. Whatever the motive, Kobus has been charged with trespassing and assault and battery. Police said Kobus was intoxicated. No kidding! Boston’s Fox 25 has video on its web site of Kobus being led off the field under a shower of snowballs. Enjoy the show.

Above photo: AP Photo/Boston Herald, Matthew West

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