Thursday, November 01, 2007

New York Media No Problem For Girardi, But Can He Handle Rain Delays?

I never thought I'd be writing stuff about baseball rain delays on Nov. 1, but I just heard a radio interview with brand, spankin' new Yankees Manager Joe Girardi. Joe constantly will be under the surveillance of the New York media and already they've begun asking him about his relationship with Marlins ownership and players when he managed in Florida a couple of years back. One of the questions posed to him today was his handling of pitcher Josh Johnson's arm injury. You may remember a Marlins game with the Mets in which Johnson started, sat through a rain delay or more than an hour and then returned to the mound once the game resumed. Some say Girardi should have been more cautious with the hurler and taken him out of the game when the rains fell. The howls grew louder when Johnson subsequently had Tommy John surgery.

Update: Here's something corny: This is Rainout Blog post No. 162. Interesting (not really!) that it's about baseball with that number equally the number of MLB regular season games.

You're right. That's really dumb.

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