Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Freese-ing rain in St. Louis

To help me along on those days when I feel motivated to update The Rainout Blog, I subscribe to Google Alerts to get a heads-up on stories containing key words and phrases. One of those word combinations is “baseball” + “rain.”

In November, as you might expect, I rarely receive many links to stories about baseball, but today I did.

Hmm. What could this be?

Naturally, like the curious cat, I followed the link and found this gem in a story from KMOV-TV in St. Louis about Cardinals’ General Manager John Mozeliak:

“The trade of David Freese for Los Angeles Angels outfielder Peter Bourgos extracts maximum value for a soon-to-be 31-year-old third baseman who made it rain in 2011 with a pyrotechnic burst of glory that could never be repeated.

Sure, curiosity killed the cat, but as Grandpa Munster once said, “Satisfaction brought him back.”

(Yes. Yes, I did write this post for the sole reason of making a Grandpa Munster reference, a first for The Rainout Blog, I believe.)

-- rain --

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