Monday, August 05, 2013

Rain on A-Rod's parade?

So today is the day we find out – I hope – MLB’s decision on the Alex Rodriguez suspension. 

It’s an odd circumstance in play: We’re hearing now that the decision for a long suspension will be announced around 3 p.m. Eastern today. Meanwhile, all indicators suggest A-Rod will appeal the suspension, thus allowing him to rejoin the Yankees in Chicago for tonight’s game with the White Sox.

We’ve waited so long to see how this finally plays out. We know there will be a suspension, most likely through the 2014 season, but will Rodriguez indeed be allowed back on the field tonight after surgery in February and a long rehab stint?

We’ll find out tonight, right? I mean, what could possibly hold up that decision now?

Oh, yeah: Rain!

Ok, probably not but there is a 40 percent chance of rain and there have been media reports of drizzle at the ballpark in Chicago today.

But if rain does postpone the game, what will the Yankees do? Will they take this opportunity to 
develop another excuse to keep Rodriguez off the club? Perhaps invent a new nagging injury?

Editor’s note: After reading the above post, you said to yourself, “wow, that was a half-arsed attempt at a blog post,” you’d be right. I’ve been writing The Rainout Blog on-again, off-again (mostly off-again) for the past seven or eight years. (Has it been that long?) When I started, I had real passion for what I still think is a unique –that’s my way of saying “uninteresting to most other people” – sports blog. Occasionally, I’ll say, “hey, I really should write more on The Rainout Blog.” And then I’ll open the blog and think “Ugh, I really don’t want to get into this again.” So, what am I saying here? Nothing really, other than I’d really like to get back to writing this blog, but I’m not promising anything… other than it probably won’t happen.

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