Friday, March 08, 2013

Corner flood

The header atop this video claims this is the "worst conditions for a corner kick ever."


Could there not be worse conditions for this Kazakhstan first division league match between Ekibastuz and Alamaty? What if the field suddenly caught fire? They'd postpone the match, you say? Well, they certainly didn't deem a corner flooded to Biblical proportions postponement worthy here.

How about if a group of tigers suddenly ran onto the pitch and sat right on the corner, waiting for a brave footballer to dare set the ball down in their newly proclaimed domain?

Get my point? This probably isn’t the worst conditions for a corner kick, but tell me: What the heck is going on here?

After some cool soccer-style ingenuity, two players – I don't know which team – managed to kick the ball out of the more-than-ankle-deep water and into play. But wouldn't you know it, some goofball sends the ball sailing right back into the lake.


That's the kind of stuff that used to happen in the backyards of my neighborhood in the 80s.  

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