Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bob in My Brain

I was watching MLB Network late Wednesday and heard Bob Costas talking about Arizona pitcher Wade Miley's masterful performance that night against the Texas Rangers. The rookie left-hander gave up only a run to the potent Rangers lineup, but received no run support from his Diamondbacks teammates and lost the game 1-0.

Anyway, as I'm watching the highlights, I see a shot of Miley walking off the mound in the pouring rain. My brain immediately went into daydream mode and, in my mind, I heard Bob say," this is the sort of thing that needs to be featured on The Rainout Blog." Ok, had Bob actually said those words, he would have much more eloquently. He is Bob Costas, after all.

So here ya go, Bob, a brief mention of Wiley's performance – it was halted by a 29-minute rain delay in the fourth inning – just like you asked for… if only in my mind.

Now, I didn't find an image of Miley pitching in the rain, but I did find this cool Associated Press shot of the Rangers' Adrian Beltre walking back to the dugout after striking out against Miley in the second inning as ominous storm clouds gather above the ballpark. Eerie!

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